Pušipel Prestige

The 2015 Pušipel Prestige, late berry picks impress with freshness and refined sweetness. Gold Medal Winner at Decanter 2018!

Yellow muscat

For all the moments, especially the crazy ones. Seducer Yellow is the fifth element of Jakopić Winery.

Pušipel Classic

The new brand Pušipel classic, since its first mention in the wine scene no one remains indifferent


The sophisticated balance of rose editions of syrah and cabernet sauvignon is created for the most enjoyable moments on the beach, terrace or home.

Graševina IBPB

The ultimate achievement of our cellar is a real sweet gem from 2015. Winner of the Platinum Gold Medal at Decanter 2017!

Green Sylvaner

Wine of elegant freshness and jazz spirit. Created for all who participate in life with a distinctive personality and style.

Grofovo wine

Great ratio of carefully selected varieties for irresistible drinkability. A little sparkling water enhances playfulness in the mouth.


Red Cuvee

Cuvee of selected varieties that will not leave even the most sensitive palates indifferent. Although new in our offer, it has already won sympathy across the region.


Light, playful, summery and juicy wine suitable for all situations, especially spontaneous ones.


A persistent wine with an identity of Medimurje and the origin of a centuries-old family tradition. Graševina is a flowing love and thanks to the creators and friends.


Cuvée – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Strong and wild.


A great gentlemanly and prestigious wine, a decent creation that fully reflects the earth and passion of the people who create it. Sauvignon Jakopić is a wine that invades the sky on the run!

Rhein Riesling

The art of making wine is confirmed in grand style at this address. Elegant and graceful in your glass and in your mouth.

Terbotz - sparkling wine

The fresh, rich and playful taste with the aroma of aged sparkling wine is the right combination for any occasion.